Katie’s Really Bad Day

A Story About Test Anxiety

Written by Kathleen Jeffrey
Illustrated by Susan Kilmartin

Now Available – $18.99

It’s spelling test day and Katie feels anxious…

Cheerful fun-loving Katie sometimes gets anxious before tests, even when she knows the answers. One day Katie’s feelings were so enormous, she panics and can’t seem to do the test at all. She even disrupts the entire class. Luckily, with the guidance of her teacher, Katie discovers calming tools to soothe her nerves. Pretty soon the whole class is joining Katie to beat that test stress!

A beautifully illustrated relatable story with teaching points and practical advice for anxious kids.

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A note from the author

My inspiration for writing this book…
I was an anxious child in school. Eventually this anxiety developed into test anxiety that stayed with me through college. It didn’t matter if I knew the answers, the panic still set in!

Many children experience anxiety in school for various reasons. In researching for this book, it was wonderful to learn of the many resources and tools available today for teachers to help their anxious students. Some students are very good at concealing their test anxiety feelings and may suffer needlessly while also thinking they are the only ones. In addition, test anxiety can lead to a pattern of underachievement.

I hope Katie’s story will help children identify their own anxious feelings, know that they are not alone and encourage them to tell their teachers and caregivers what is going on before their anxiety leads to “A Really Bad Day!”

This book was wonderfully written. Katie receives love, patience and constructive coaching from teacher Miss Julie who helps Katie overcome test anxiety. I love the way the author does not talk down to the readers (5-8 years old) while at the same time is gentle and loving. The illustrations and tenor of the book extend a helpful hand encouraging our children to step away from anxiety and into joyful learning.

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About the Illustrator

Susan Kilmartin

Susan grew up in various mining camps around the world, from Taxco, Mexico, and Cuba, to South Africa, and Pakistan. The Grand Canyon in Arizona, where her Dad was president of Western Gold and Uranium Co., was her favorite. Her art training ranged from private portrait lessons, to a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (Studio) and graduate work in Printmaking at the University of Maryland. Her work can be viewed on her website, www.susankilmartin.com. Susan currently lives in South Yarmouth, MA on Cape Cod with her husband, Hugh.

Katie’s Really Bad Day is the third book Susan has illustrated, the first two being Carina, the Carousel Horse and One Day at Trailside, both written by Ann G. Suzedell.

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This book was perfect to read with both my 5 year old and 7 year old daughters. My 5 year old loved the art work and my 7 year old loved the message as she is a very anxious kid. Thank you for writing this book!

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